Benefits of Joint Replacement Surgery that you Should Know

There has been a lot of revolution when it comes to joint replacement surgery. In the past, it took patients weeks to walk again after the extensive surgery.

But things have changed now as patients can start walking within a day once the procedure is completed.

You just need to ensure that you choose a good joint replacement surgeon in Bangalore just in case you live in and around this area.

So, in this article, we would talk about Joint replacement surgery and everything associated with it. Let us have a look:-

What is a Joint Replacement Surgery?

In the body, you can easily find a number of joints. So, joints are basically classified as a place where two or more bones meet.

A joint can either be a hinge joint or ball and socket joint. It is seen in a number of people that the cartilage that meets the end of the bone tends to get weakened or damaged over a period of time.

So, joint replacement surgery is basically a surgery in which the mobility & function of a damaged joint is restored while relieving the pain which is associated with it.

During the surgery, the damaged tissues & joints are removed which is further replaced by artificial prosthesis. In general, the joint replacement surgery is performed on knee, hip & shoulders but is can also be performed on ankles, fingers & elbows.

What are the reasons behind the Joint Problems?

Joint problems are usually caused by rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. Apart from this, here are a few things that lead to joints weakening:-
Trauma to cartilage
Problems with the cartilage or joints
Repetitive injuries

Who are advised for joint replacement surgery?

Joint replacement surgery is not something which is recommended to everyone. Generally, treatment options such as changes to lifestyle, medication & physical therapy is advised first.

So, if all of these non-surgical treatments don’t help, then doctor may advise you to perform joint replacement surgery.

Lastly, if you live in and around the Bangalore area, then it is advised that you opt for a good joint replacement surgeon in Bangalore.

Partial vs. Total Joint Replacement

There are two options available when it comes to joint replacement i.e. total and partial.

In partial replacement, only a particular joint portion is replaced while in total joint replacement, the damaged cartilage is replaced with prosthesis.

Besides this, in partial joint replacements, small surgeries are performed while having shorter recovery time.

On the other hand, if a lot of damage has happened to the cartilage, then full replacement would be required and the recovery time would be longer.

Lastly, in both types of joint replacement, occupational therapy program would be needed to ensure that joints are healed completely.

What are the benefits of joint replacement surgery?

Less Pain

The major reason most of the patients opt for joint replacement surgery is that they won’t have to suffer from excruciating and chronic pain.

Restores activity & movement

With joint replacement, people can resume hobbies & activities again such as hiking, biking, golf & swimming. All of these can lead to improvement in the quality of life.

Chronic health conditions are reduced

It is known that joint replacement surgery is associated with reduced chances of heart failure, mortality, diabetes & depression rates.


Joint Replacement is quite safe as compared to what it was few years back. Moreover, it still comes with some risks but it can now easily be managed.

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